“My relationship to the word is anything but scientific; it is a matter of faith on my part, that the word endows material substance, by setting the thing named apart from all else.”

C.D. Wright

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Online Publications

Five Poems, Still: The Journal

“The Faith of Withered Seeds” & “Creation Myth”, Appalachian Review

“Feeling Synesthetic”, Bridge Eight: The Dark Heart of Messier 87

“Suicide Attempt: How Can You Love Another If You Do Not First Love Yourself” & “It Can Be So Hard To Close My Heart Sometimes Especially”, Killjoy: The #Access Issue

“Soup du Jour” the museum of americana, issue 16

In Print & For Purchase

“Four Poems”, Woodwasp no. 7 by Painted Door Press

“Five Poems”, Woodwasp no. 6 by Painted Door Press

“The Faith of Withered Seeds” & “Creation Myth”, Appalachian Review

“Others Wait To Ripen”, The Canopy Review

“To Pennsylvania I Believe From Ohio” & “To A Desert Forwarded To The Midwest From A Telephone Booth”, Woodwasp no. 4 by Painted Door Press

About Me

Clayton Spencer is an Appalachian poet from Southeastern Kentucky. He holds a BA in English from the University of Kentucky.


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